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Business Startup Success Programs

Starting and running your own business requires you to wear many different hats. There is so much to know and it can take years of experience to learn it all. Unfortunately, a few poor decisions can cost you a lot - maybe even your entire savings. But good well-informed decisions and advice can anchor your business, fuel your company's growth and position you for long term success.

With more than 75% of all business startups failing in the first 3-5 years you can't afford to gamble on your new business. Research shows that without proper advice and guidance you'll have better odds of success in Vegas than in your own business.

We can help you dramatically increase those odds of success.

If you're an entrepreneur developing a new venture we'll help you develop a winning business strategy, establish a solid position against your competition and build a business that works for you, whether you're working in it or not.

Contact us to learn more about our Business Success Program for startup entrepreneurs.

Initial Two Hour Consultation
  • Business Structure - whether to be a sole proprietor, an LLC, a C Corp or an S Corp
  • Basic accounting processes and procedures
  • Business Plan considerations/processes
  • Financing arrangements
  • Tax considerations
On-Going Assistance
  • Set up accounting system
  • Master business license preparation and/or review
  • Interim or annual preparation of financial statements.
  • Direct assistance with and/or review of business plans/ financial projections
  • State and local tax returns
  • Payroll tax issues
  • Calculation of potential federal tax liability
  • Bookkeeping assistance, supervision, or on-going maintenance of accounting records
  • Monthly or quarterly coaching meetings on how to grow your business
  • With you will be able to track your business' progress at a glance.

Contact us to learn more about our Business Success Program for startup entrepreneurs.