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Preferred Approach

Planning Day
We prefer to start each on-going engagement with a half-day or one day strategic planning session with the business owners and, if they choose, a few of their key management personnel. We gather a lot of information (financial, general business, team information, etc.) and we pull together a one day off-site meeting where together we explore where the business has been, where it is now, where you want it to go. We look at financial trends, profit planning and cash flow planning scenarios, and your profit improvement potential analysis. We look at management, operational and strategic issues. From this day you gain an immense amount of clarity on how to take your business to the next level. Action steps are developed, prioritized and we set up a time line for implementation. Our involvement continues to assist you with the implementation process.

A guarantee: We agree to a fee, you will give us a check up front. We will not cash this check until the end of this session. You need to be very satisfied with what we have been able to accomplish during this planning session or we do not cash your check.

Key Deliverables

These are some of the finance/accounting/consulting services we can offer you.

  • Assure accuracy and relevancy of internal accounting information
  • Reconstruction of accounting records
  • Maintenance of accounting records
  • Supervision and support of accounting personnel
  • Accounting system and internal control improvement
  • Issue compiled financial statements monthly/quarterly/annually.
Finance and Planning
  • Strategic Planning
  • Cash flow planning and budgeting
  • Business Potential Exploration - Profit Target Setting and Monitoring
  • Key financial trends, ratios
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) monitoring
  • Financial Management Strategy and Analysis
  • Business Plans
  • Product/service line/key customer margin analyses
  • Fundable growth rate modeling
  • Productivity analyses
  • Business structure analysis
  • Tax minimization strategies
  • Merger and acquisition analyses
  • Development and maintenance of banking/financing relationships
  • Financial Management Control Plans

Putting YOU in the Driver's Seat
of Your Business.

The Business DashBoard™
enables you to track your business performance in an easy to understand format of dials and gauges - just like the dashboard of your car.
  • Business Health Audit
  • Customer Service Training and Loyalty Programs
  • Customer Advisory Boards and/or Focus Groups
  • Customer Selection and Acquisition
  • Customer Profitability Analysis
  • People Plan - HR, Team Building and Retention
  • Business Value Proposition Definition
  • Business Systems Development
  • Exit Strategy Development
  • Developing a Mission Statement
  • Creating and Communicating a Shared Vision
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