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Many small and medium-sized companies reach a time in their business when they strive to grow or find themselves growing rapidly. It is better to plan and be proactive than to react to the challenges of growth. Contract CFO Services, PLLC has created this study to help you do just that. We will address issues such as:
  • Cash flow planning, capital requirements for growth
  • What will growth do to your profitability?
  • Is this the right time to grow or must other fundamentals of the business change first?
What Should You Know
Each study is individually designed to:
  • Give you, the owner(s) a new perspective on growth possibilities & profitability by developing and reviewing: trend analysis, profit improvement potential, fundable growth rate.
  • Help you develop your growth plan given your present internal fundable growth rate, available cash and your ability to obtain additional financing.
  • Give you clarity to enhance your business decision-making through discussion and reports specific to your business

The Process Is Simple
Together we discuss how your company works, the culture, personnel, and ten key questions. After analyzing three years of financial data that you provide, CCS will prepare individualized printed reports that will be discussed in a two hour meeting with you and your key personnel/advisors. These reports will provide information to use in cash flow planning and business management and can be used to monitor key financial performance indicators for your specific business. We'll summarize and discuss the next steps for you and the business in this interactive session.

Reports and Data

The reports and data are designed to help you meet your goals and reach YOUR VIEW OF THE FUTURE, be more confident in your actions with data to support your decisions, and to feel more empowered to run your business in a systematized way. Finally, we will prepare a written meeting summary which you can use to implement this critically important information.

Bottom Line
We are experienced business managers and CPAs who know how to prepare you and your business to take that next growth step. Early planning will give you the peace of mind and the empowerment to reach and surpass your goals. We are available on a monthly or on an as-needed basis to assist you in developing your action steps and implementing your financial growth plan

Your plan and day to day actions will be the stepping stones
to your long term vision.